Phone Tree Chart


Premier Aquatics Office: 949-716-3333

Aliso Viejo Aquatic Center: 949-425-2559

Lifeguard Regional Manager

Aliso Viejo Aquatic Center: Stephanie Wilson 949-716-3333 x 1036

Orange County: Nicole Kloet 949-716-3333 x 1007

Lincoln Properties: Missy Estrada 949-716-3333 x 1010

Menifee and Murrieta: Ryan Larson 949-716-3333 x 1013

Swim Programs

Swim Program Director: Tristan Saltonstall 949-716-3333 x 1029

Swim Team and Remote Swim Lesson Director: Sami Leonis 949-716-3333 x 1004

Health & Safety

Director: Donovan Cruz 949-716-3333 x 1005


Lizzie Howard 949-716-3333 x 1034

Operations Manager

Ryan Larson 949-716-3333 x 1013


Dan Berzansky 949-716-3333 x 1011

AVAC Programs and Facility Overview

The Aliso Viejo Aquatic Center (AVAC) is owned by the City of Aliso Viejo. Premier is contracted by the city to manage this facility. In addition to providing lifeguard staffing, we also staff the front desk window with an administration employee and are responsible for pool cleaning, upkeep and maintenance.

AVAC has five bodies of water: a lap pool, recreation pool, kid pool, splash pad, and spa. These pools are open to the public and additionally Premier runs special services out of the facility as our main hub. We provide learn-to-swim programs, swim teams, summer camp, and water polo. In addition, the majority of our lifeguard training classes are held at AVAC.

On our website a comprehensive list of programs is provided under swim programs. Under public swim there is a break down of the specific swimming allowed at different times of day in coordination with the programs we offer (also explained below), a table of pricing by residency, as well as a calendar of events such as the lifeguard classes and early closures. AVAC may close early on weekend days since it is also used as a wedding venue.

On a typical day, there will be several different employees working at AVAC including: Programs Director, Deck Manager, Lifeguard Manager, Lifeguards, Swim Instructors and Admins.

Pertinent AVAC Specific Information

▪ The office has an alarm: press 2868 + disarm

▪ The rec pool gate has a padlock: 2868

▪ There is a manager lockbox hidden to the left (if looking at pool from parking lot) of the main entrance on the border fence. The code is 3560

▪ Policies: children under the age of 3 MUST wear a vinyl diaper in addition to a swim diaper, this must be seen to be let into the facility, lap lanes may be shared upon request of the second patron but is not required, small flotations are permitted upon lifeguard discretion and capacity. Please be confident to be the bridge between any upset patrons and the admin with these policies that are commonly disputed.

▪ AVAC has a specific requirement under the California Environmental Reporting System (CERS). All employees working at the facility are required to be trained on CERS.

▪ There are two computer programs used at the facility: CivicRec- An Aliso Viejo city program used for public accounts, check-ins, retail sales and cash transactions for only AVAC. Managers must be able to use this program. Jackrabbit- A company-wide, internally oriented Premier program, used with our learn to swim programs for registration, check-ins, scheduling and billing. Also for our health and safety classes registration and billing. In addition, we use it to accommodate reservations for some of our remote contracts.

▪ The manager needs to carry a walkie talkie in addition to lifeguarding supplies because it is used to communicate between the lap pool, rec pool, admin window and manager on duty.

▪ To help cut pool heating costs, the city requires that we tarp the pool during the winter.

▪ Code Brown/ Orange: Everyone is to evacuate the pool, RWI’s spread quickly so use a net to remove all solid material and sanitize it afterwards. For vomit or solid incident: raise chlorine to 2 ppm and keep pool clear for 30 minutes. For diarrheal incident: raise chlorine to 20 ppm and close for 12 hours

▪ There are many AVAC and Learn to Swim questions and issues. You can always guide patrons to the website, transfer calls to the office and give out emails and extensions of people who can answer their questions more specifically.

Manager Expectations

There is a manager binder with a daily procedure sheet that is filled out in addition to the Aliso Loop report being submitted on the app every day. It includes a pumproom and facility walkthrough to be done before opening each morning.

Manager Daily Procedure Sheet

Facility and Pumproom Checklist

California Environmental Reporting System (CERS)

Phone List

AVAC Phone #: 949-425-2559

Aquatics Director- Stephanie: (573) 356-9346

Programs Director- Tristan: (760) 567-4557

What if a lifeguard calls out of their shift?

Explain the steps for this loop

What if I cannot make it to my shift?

If you notice you are starting to feel sick or if you wake up sick, and you cannot go to work, please contact your regional manager immediately. The sooner you inform us, the easier it is to find coverage. Once you have done that, please drop your shift, and then sent out a message through When I Work to see if anyone can pick up your shift.

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