Phone Tree


Premier Aquatics Office: 949-716-3333

Aliso Viejo Aquatic Center: 949-425-2559

Lifeguard Team

Aliso Viejo Aquatic Center: Stephanie Wilson 949-716-3333 x 1036

Orange County: Nicole Kloet 949-716-3333 x 1007

Liberty: Christy Quade 949-716-3333 x 1042

Inland Empire: Colin Cruz 949-716-3333 x 1037

Regional Training Director: Mike Scott 949-716-3333 x 6

Lifeguard Services Director: Missy Smith 949-716-3333 x 1010

Swim Programs

Swim Program Director: Tristan Saltonstall 949-716-3333 x 1029

Swim Team and Remote Swim Lesson Director: Sami Leonis 949-716-3333 x 1004

Health & Safety

Nicole Kloet 949-716-3333 x 1007


Lizzie Howard 949-716-3333 x 1034

Operations Manager

Ryan Larson 949-716-3333 x 1013


Dan Berzansky 949-716-3333 x 1011

Phone List

General Recreation Line: 951-304-PARK

Victor Patino, Recreation Coordinator: 951-461-6117

What if a lifeguard calls out of their shift?

Explain the steps for this loop

What if I cannot make it to my shift?

If you notice you are starting to feel sick or if you wake up sick, and you cannot go to work, please contact your regional manager immediately. The sooner you inform us, the easier it is to find coverage. Once you have done that, please drop your shift, and then sent out a message through When I Work to see if anyone can pick up your shift.

Pool Layouts

  • all lanes during scheduled lap swim
  • two lanes for lap swim during free swim/swim lessons
  • no lap swimming during water exercise class (one lane)



-Look on employee portal to see what days are lap swim/water aerobics/open swim, which should all be set up from the previous day’s closing team

-Assist swim instructors with ensuring student safety, especially in the stairwell

-Take lunch @12pm if needed

-After swim lessons, set up for open swim: leave 2 lanes open

-For closing, make sure you set up for opening shifts and set up the lanes accordingly; help put away chairs/umbrellas and lock everything up

Deck Manager SOP


– Help swim instructors set up

– Take EZ-ups out of the office and set them up by the side of the pool closest to the bathrooms

– Unlock white plastic chairs and set them up underneath EZ-ups in the shade (Lock code is 2002)

– Take out blue/orange/red bins with swim lesson tools inside and place them by the stairs (If you need, there is a platform behind the gate next to our office that you can teach off of)

– Take the clock out, set it by the pool, and angle it so you can see it during your lessons

-Log onto Jack rabbit using laptop in the office, print copies of the “who’s scheduled to be here” tab (one for you and one per bin), clip them to clipboards with curriculum sheets, and put them at stations.


– Check in and welcome students/parents as they come in: it’s important to socialize with the parents and build connections

-Watch the lessons to make sure instructors teach according to the curriculum

– Offer advice/suggestions if instructors need support (If there is a particularly challenging class, change into your rash guard and hop in to help co-teach or offer more hands-on support)

*if there’s a gap between sessions, use the time to help break/inservice lifeguards and offer support where needed. You should also take your 30 during this time; during the second session, you will need to give a 10 to the closing lifeguard.

-Before the beginning of each new session, you will need to assign instructors to the individual lessons.

Closing procedures:

– Put away EZ-ups, buckets, clock and platform (if used)

– Help lifeguard move lanes, according to the pool schedule, for the next morning

-Put away and lock up white chairs

– Clock out and submit daily report

Mgr Locbox

Code is 9722

Search For a Facility

Find your facility by typing a city or facility name.

About this Loop

The California Oaks Sports Park Pool (COM) is owned by the City of Murietta. Premier is contracted by the city to manage this (currently seasonal) facility. In addition to providing lifeguard staffing, we also have seasonal swim lessons and provide upkeep of the deck.

On a typical day, there will be several different employees working at COM including: Deck Manager, Lifeguard Manager, Lifeguards, and Swim Instructors.

Rules in a Nutshell

  • Safety breaks at 3pm on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
  • No flotation devices
  • An adult must accompany non-swimmers in the pool at all times
  • No horseplay/flips/sitting on shoulders
  • No glass/food/drinks (water okay)
  • No abusive/foul language
  • No dunking/excessive splashing
  • Masks/fins/snorkels only allowed during lap swim hours

Manager Expectations

Primary responsibilities: 

  • Review schedule to ensure coverage for all positions
  • Create daily break schedule
  • Ensure all lifeguards (and you) receive required breaks
  • Enforce all facility rules and regulations as well as any changes that the city management requests
  • Ensure each lifeguard implements 10/20 scanning and 5-minute strategy
  • Respond to emergencies and provide back-up coverage
  • Maintain positive, open communication with city staff and management
  • Report incidents, escalated interactions, and maintenance or safety concerns to proper parties
  • Conflict resolution
  • Submit daily report using OneTeam360

Secondary responsibilities: 

  • Administer routine and quality inservice trainings, via OneTeam360
  • Delegate opening and closing tasks for each staff member
  • Track employee interactions in OneTeam360
  • Review procedures with employees during time of hire and as-needed
  • Check inventory (first aid kits, paperwork, AED, cleaning supplies)
  • Organize cleaning duties, in and around the water

(additional duties as assigned)