Employee Packet

Lifeguard Managers

If you have any questions regarding your schedule, availability, RTO, or any of our facilities, please contact one of the lifeguard managers.

Nicole Kloet: nicole@swimoc.com, (949) 716-3333 x1007

Missy Estrada: missy@swimoc.com, (949) 716-3333 x1010

AVAC Managers

If you have questions about working at the Aliso Viejo Aquatic Center, swim lessons, or the admin position, please contact one of the AVAC managers.

Daylen Degelsmith: daylen@swimoc.com, (949) 716-3333 x1026

Erica Funk: erica@swimoc.com, (949) 716-3333 x1015

Special Programs

If you have questions about Premier’s other programs like summer camp, Stop Drowning Now high school clubs, or volunteer hours, please contact one of the following managers.

Sami Leonis: sami@swimoc.com, (949) 716-3333 x1004


If you have questions regarding payroll, volunteer hours, onboarding paperwork, direct deposit, employee benefits, uniforms/apparel, etc. please contact the office manager.

Lizzie Howard: Lizzie@swimoc.com


If you have questions regarding your American Red Cross Certifications or class availability, please contact our Health & Safety Director.

Matt Rothman: matt@premierhealthandsafety.com, (949) 716-3333 x1016

Pay Period Begin

Pay Period End

Pay Date


*If you’d like to set up direct deposit or have a question about your paycheck, please contact admin@swimoc.com.

All non-exempt employees are required by California law to take mandatory paid and unpaid rest breaks depending on the length of your scheduled shift. Please see the chart below for details and do not hesitate to reach out to your manager on duty with any questions about California break laws.

Image result for california rest break law

How do I know who is the manager on duty?

You can log into the When I Work app and adjust the filters to view who else is working in your loop today. You can also find your manager’s contact information through the When I Work app!

I’m running late to my shift… Who can I call?

Call your manager on duty ASAP! If your pool has a deck phone, like the Aliso Viejo Aquatic Center or any of the Laguna Woods pools, call that number to give the lifeguard a heads up as well.

I’m scheduled to work at a pool I’ve never been to before. How do I know what to do?

Be sure to check the employee portal facilities information before your shift, and once you get to the pool you’re working at you can find all of the opening/closing procedures, pool rules, and contact info in the lifeguard binder. If you need any additional help, reach out to the manager on duty.