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What are scripts??

Scripts are a helpful resource to guide employees through general questions and/or customer conflicts they might encounter as an employee.

General Guidelines

  1. Basic Premier Knowledge (p. 3)
  2. De-escalate or Re-directing an Angry Patron (p. 3)
  3. Diapers (p. 3)
  4. Floaties (p. 3-4)
  5. Glass/Alcohol/Vaping & Smoking/Hazardous Material (p. 4)
  6. Incident Report (p. 4)
  7. Name Dropping (p. 4)
  8. Phone Etiquette (p. 4-5)
  9. Inconsistency of Rules (p. 5)
  10. Safety Breaks (p. 5)
  11. Unsafe Behavior (p. 5)


General Guidelines Scripts


#1  Premier Knowledge

Topic: Hi, I noticed the logo on your shirt. Does Premier offer any other services besides lifeguarding?


Talking Point:

We have three main services that we offer including Lifeguard Contract Services, Learn to Swim Programs, Health and Safety Education, and much more! For more details about our programs, feel free to check out our website (swimoc.com) or call the office @ 949-716-3333.


#2 De-escalate or Re-directing an Angry Patron

Issue: Patron upset with policies/rules/other patrons/service

  • “Good afternoon, my name is ___________ with Premier Aquatics Is there anything that I can help you with or help answer any questions?” {*Lifeguard: Listen to patron.  Do not interrupt patron while they are talking/explaining/venting.  Exhibit relaxed, non-threatening body language}
  • “I completely understand your frustration and can see why you are upset. Please understand that all of the current rules or policies that we are enforcing have been created in order to create a safe & fun environment for all of our patrons and their families.” {*Lifeguard: Know where to find and present to the patron any written information pertaining to facility policies and be prepared to show the patron if needed, i.e.: Rules & Policies in your Premier folder, posted facility rules on the pool deck or entry points.}
  • {*Lifeguard is unable to correctly expand on or answer a question} “That’s a great question that I don’t currently know the answer to, but I will find out. If you will provide me with your contact information (phone # or email),

I will have a manager reach out to you as soon as possible to answer any further questions you might have.”  {*Lifeguard: Collect contact info and pass on to your immediate supervisor ASAP!}

#3 Diapers

Issue: Customer is complaining about having to bring (or purchase) vinyl diapers to a pool.


Talking point:  I completely understand your concerns, however it is a city/contract/HOA requirement that you have both a disposable diaper that is covered by a vinyl reusable diaper to ensure no leakage and to maintain proper health and safety of our patrons. Without vinyl swim diapers, there is a high risk of a multi-day closure of the facility.


AVAC Points: They are more functional and convenient than disposable diapers, you can reuse them for months and they are more cost effective.


Generic Points: If you have concerns, you can reach out directly to your HOA board.

#4 Floaties

Issue: A family has an oversized raft at the pool that is not allowed at the facility.


Talking Point:

I am really sorry but unfortunately boogie boards/large rafts are not allowed at the facility. They prohibit the view for the lifeguards and swimmers can get caught underneath them.


Issue: A young patron has a non-coastguard approved floatation device on that is not allowed at the facility (example: water wings).


Talking Point: I am really sorry but unfortunately only Coast Guard approved floatation devices are allowed at the facility. Coast Guard approved floatation devices are not inflatable and the kids are strapped into them. We have seen floaties pop or fall off often.

#5 Glass/Alcohol/Vaping/Hazardous Material

Issue: Patron has glass or hazardous materials on deck.


Talking Points Glass:

Glass/Hazardous items are not permitted on deck for safety reasons. I understand your frustration and respect your concerns/questions about wanting to enjoy your food or drinks you brought.  If the glass breaks on deck, you or another patron can be injured. If the glass/ hazardous materials containers break and get into the pool this is a multiple day closure to ensure the glass is removed. We encourage you to bring food or drinks in non-glass containers to keep you and all other patrons safe. If you have any further questions, please reach out to your HOA or the Premier Aquatic office. Thank you for your cooperation, we really do appreciate it, and enjoy your swim.


Issue: Patron is drinking or has alcohol on deck


Talking Points Alcohol:

I understand your frustration on this matter and that you want to enjoy your drink, however, alcohol is not permitted on deck for your health and safety, as well as the other patrons. Our top priority is to provide a comfortable and safe environment for every single patron including yourself. We encourage you to bring any non-alcoholic beverages to enjoy while on deck. If you have any further concerns or questions, please reach out to your HOA or the Premier Aquatics office. Thank you for your cooperation, we really do appreciate it, and enjoy your swim.


Issue: Patron is vaping/smoking on deck


Talking Points Vaping/Smoking: I respect your frustration on this matter; however, vaping/smoking is not permitted on deck.

This is for the health and safety of our patrons, as they may have health issues that could be triggered by your vaping/smoking. Our top priority is to have a safe and comfortable environment for you and the other patrons to enjoy. We encourage you to step outside of the facility to a designated smoking area/the parking lot to smoke/vape. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to your HOA or the Premier Aquatics office. Thank you for your cooperation, we really do appreciate it, and enjoy your swim.


#6 Incident Report

Situation: LG performs a rescue or provides ANY type of care.


Premier Employee: “If you don’t mind sticking around for just a few minutes I am going to quickly get some information from you (or guardian) so we can document everything on an incident report, for legal reasons. All of the information will be kept confidential and is for our own personal records. If you have any questions or concerns about filling out any of this information you may reach out to the Premier Aquatics Office at (949) 716-3333.


#7 Name Dropping

Topic: A customer is requesting a discount, or free entry because they know the owner, Dan Berzansky.


Talking Point:

Hey there! That is awesome that you may know Dan. He is such a great guy! Unfortunately, at this time, we are not approving any discounts or free registrations unless it comes from Dan directly. Can you remind me of your name? I am happy to check in with him on this information and I can give you a call to confirm. In the meantime, I am happy to set you up with some contact info of someone in the office who can help you out with swim programs!


#8 Phone Etiquette

Phone rings…


Always answer the phone with a greeting so people know who/where they are calling and don’t forget to state your name.


Example: Hello! Thank you for calling Premier Aquatics at the Laguna Woods Pool 4 location, this is Sally speaking.


If the customer asks you a question that you don’t know…


Response: That is a great question. To be honest with you, I don’t have the answer, but I would be happy to take down your name and number and get back to you.


Get guidance from your manager and then follow up with the customer. 


#9 Inconsistency of Rules

When you try to explain or enforce a rule and the customer responds with…


“I was here yesterday, and the lifeguard said it was ok”


Talking points:

I apologize for the inconvenience and that the rule/policy was miscommunicated to you, however, this is not allowed. I will bring this to my manager’s attention so we can resolve this issue. Thank you for understanding and again, I’m sorry for the inconsistency!


Because this is a safety hazard, I must enforce this rule…


I understand the inconvenience, but I do have to enforce it…


Contact your manager on duty if you are unable to de-escalate the situation.

#10 Safety Breaks

Issue: Patrons don’t want to exit the water for the Safety Break.


Talking Points:

I understand that you are frustrated with this policy. We do safety breaks at this location for the following reasons:

  • Safety breaks give everyone a chance to use the restroom or change diapers so there is less of chance of a facility closure due to contamination. Closure were cut down 80% since the facility started enforcing this policy.
  • Safety breaks give everyone a chance to re-apply sunscreen, grab a snack, re-hydrate, and sit in the shade.
  • Safety breaks give children a chance to rest so there is less of a chance of making a rescue due to fatigue.
  • Safety breaks are a great time to pack up your belongings and exit the facility, especially if you have trouble getting your children out of the water.


#11 Unsafe Behavior

Situation: Two patrons are engaging in unsafe behavior. (Dunking, flips/diving into pool, fighting)


Premier LG: Approaches, alerts and engages with patrons in a clear and concise manner, with a positive and enthusiastic approach (smile).  “Excuse me (name if known/buddy/sweetie/sir/ma’am)! Just a reminder that the rules don’t allow (chicken fights/wrestling/throwing toys/diving/flipping etc.) because it’s not safe and you, or someone around you, could get injured. Thank you, let me know if you have any questions about the rules or our facility, I am happy to help!”


Failure to comply:

Approach the individual again and remind them of the rule and that their behavior is unsafe.  Be very specific of why the behavior is unsafe. For example: If patrons are chicken fighting: “You could fall and hit your head on the side of the pool or the floor which would result in a head injury.”


If they continue to do the behavior, inform your manager and ask for help.