Premier Aquatics Office: 949-716-3333

Aliso Viejo Aquatic Center: 949-425-2559

Orange County Regional Manager: Nicole Kloet 949-716-3333 x 1007


Swim Programs

Swim Program Director: Tristan Saltonstall 949-716-3333 x 1029

Health & Safety

Nicole Kloet admin@premierhealthandsafety.com x1007



Operations Manager

Ryan Larson 949-716-3333 x 1013


Dan Berzansky 949-716-3333 x 1011

What is my role as a Manager on Duty (MOD)?

As manager on duty (MOD), you will oversee a daily, designated loop, including the following operations:

  • provide breaks to the lifeguards
  • make scheduling adjustments if there are call-outs
  • guide employees with directions, facility setup, or any other loop-questions they might have
  • emergency response and back-up as needed
  • incident reporting

What if a lifeguard calls out of their shift?

Please unpublish the team member’s shift on When I Work, make a carbon copy of it, and call your respective Regional Manager, who will help coordinate coverage. Afterward, post in the loop chat on When I Work and let the staff know there is an open shift available. If you have the time to do so, reach out to other lifeguards in the loop and ask if they can pick up the shift. It is possible that you may have to cover the shift and the office staff (or your Regional Manager) will assist with breaks.

What if I cannot make it to my shift?

If you notice you are starting to feel sick or if you wake up sick, and you cannot go to work, please contact your regional manager immediately. The sooner you inform us, the easier it is to find coverage. Once you have done that, please drop your shift, and then sent out a message through When I Work to see if anyone can pick up your shift.

Phone List

Please resource Beach Club office staff:

Marley Sansom (Lifestyle & Beach Club Director): 949-709-0013

Arlene Shutt (Beach Club Administrative Assistant): 949-709-4003

Beach Club Office: 949-858-1390

Pool Hours

Lifeguarding Hours:

Weekends 12p-6p

Facility Hours: 


Office Hours: 


Manager Lockbox

It is near the pump room at Monte Vista. Code is 8004.

Search For a Facility

Find your facility by typing a city or facility name.

About the Loop

SAMLARC stands for “(Rancho) Santa Margarita Landscape and Recreation Corportation.” It is the governing recreational organization for the RSM area. There are four Jr. Olympic size pools (heated to 80-84 degrees) that allow lap and recreational swimming. Each pool draws different crowds––Monte Vista and Altisima tend to remain busiest. The rules for these community pools are the same as the Lagoon.

Lifeguards can take their own breaks (one LG must remain on duty at all times), or you can give them individual 10-minute breaks. They do have an optional lunch break, so please check with each guard at the beginning of the shift regarding their preference. When you are not providing breaks, please stop by each pool, check in with both lifeguards, and complete inservices. Also, make sure that the lifeguards stay on opposite sides of the pool and are aware of all rules, especially flotation device policies.

Las Flores is also considered part of this loop due to geographical proximity. Do check in with them if there is no Head Guard on Duty, and ensure that the HG knows to pass on any maintenance or resident issues to you.

Rules in a Nutshell


  • 10-minute (minimum) safety breaks at top of hour; adults can stay in
  • No hard balls
  • No flotation devices/rafts/boogie boards (only USCG-approved items)
  • No dangerous toys, squirt guns used improperly, fins (mask + goggles allowed, as well as aquatic fitness equipment for lap swimmers)
  • While in the water, children 3 years and under must be within arms length of a parent or responsible adult 18 years or older
  • Children 4 – 6 years must have a parent or responsible adult 18 years and older within 10 feet of the child at all times.

Las Flores:

  • Only USCG-approved items, except pool noodles
  • No rafts/boogie boards/water wings
  • No ball/frisbee/object throwing
  • No alcohol
  • Swim lessons can only commence from 10a-12p
  • Must have key fob for entry

Manager Expectations

Primary responsibilities: 

  • Review schedule to ensure coverage for all positions
  • Create daily break schedule
  • Ensure all lifeguards (and you) receive required breaks
  • Enforce all facility rules and regulations as well as any changes that the community management requests
  • Ensure each lifeguard implements 10/20 scanning and 5-minute strategy
  • Respond to emergencies and provide back-up coverage
  • Maintain positive, open communication with SAMLARC staff and management
  • Report incidents, escalated interactions, and maintenance or safety concerns to proper parties
  • Conflict resolution
  • Submit daily report using OneTeam360

Secondary responsibilities: 

  • Administer routine and quality inservice trainings, via OneTeam360
  • Delegate opening and closing tasks for each staff member
  • Track employee interactions in OneTeam360
  • Review procedures with employees during time of hire and as-needed
  • Check inventory (first aid kits, paperwork, AED, cleaning supplies)
  • Track mileage using TripLog
  • Check in with Las Flores

(additional duties as assigned)