Thank you for your interest in working as a Lifeguard with Premier Aquatics!

Premier Aquatics is the largest lifeguard service provider in Southern California. Whether you are looking for a summer lifeguard job, or you are looking to work year-round, our flexible scheduling policy ensures we will be the best place for you. You set your own monthly schedule, and Premier Aquatics will give you the tools to succeed and save lives as Lifeguard.

Apply for open lifeguard jobs in a city near you:

Orange County

  • We are not hiring at this time, but please check back in the spring!

Inland Empire

  • We are not hiring at this time, but please check back in the spring!

San Diego County

  • We are not hiring at this time, but please check back in the spring!


Locations Opening Soon:

Orange County

  • Costa Mesa

  • Foothill Ranch

  • Huntington Beach

  • Laguna Niguel

  • Lake Forrest

  • Rancho Santa Margarita

  • San Clemente

  • San Juan Capistrano

  • Tustin

  • Yorba Linda

Inland Empire

  • 29 Palms

  • Menifee

  • Murrieta

  • Rancho Cucamonga

San Diego County

  • Carlsbad

  • Fallbrook

  • Oceanside

  • Ramona

  • San Luis Rey

  • Vista

Already Have Lifeguard Experience? Apply as a manager:

About the American Red Cross Lifeguard Training Program

American Red Cross lifeguarding students must be at least 15 years old by the last day of the lifeguard certification class, and pass a pre-course swimming skills test prior to taking our courses. Once students are enrolled, they’ll receive the latest science-based training from experienced Premier Aquatics Instructors, and develop skills they’ll use for a lifetime. Courses are available through the American Red Cross blended Simulation Learning experience, which combines online lifeguard certification coursework with in-person skills sessions.

Are You Already Lifeguard Certified?

If you are already Lifeguard certified through another American Red Cross Lifeguard training provider, and not Premier Aquatics or Premier Health and Safety, that’s great!! You are almost ready to start working for Premier Aquatics. Because Premier would like to ensure that your skills are fresh in your mind and you are ready to react in an emergency, we do require that you attend the second day of one of our lifeguard course to test out of your skills. We do not require a written exam if you are currently certified, but we do want to be absolutely sure that you are a competent lifeguard who is comfortable performing rescues and aid. Once you have successfully demonstrated your ability to be an effective lifeguard, we will welcome you to the team.

Are You Certified by Another Agency?

If you are certified by another agency like American Heart Association, or another organization, you will need to enroll and complete an American Red Cross Lifeguard course. While we prefer you take the course through Premier Health and Safety, you may choose to take it through any organization but will be subjected to the same process that is mentioned in the previous section. To avoid having to attend a skills test-out day, you must take your lifeguard class through Premier Health and Safety.

Key Benefits of a Lifeguard Job with Premier Aquatics are:
Family-Orientated Environment
Continual Training
Leadership Opportunities and an Amazing Incentive Program
Save Lives!!

Once you join the Premier team, you can complete all of the necessary training in-house with Premier staff.

Don’t spend your time working a boring job indoors when you can gain valuable work experience, including management and leadership opportunities, working for Premier!

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