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6 Exercise Ideas for a Healthier Family

| December 2 2015 | ,



We all have heard about the importance of an active lifestyle for our health.  It reduces the risk of a wide array of diseases, reduces stress, and boosts our general wellbeing. In the age of technology and convenience, it can be challenging to keep your family up off the couch and moving.  Here are some simple ideas for exercising as a family.

1.  Bike Trips to the Grocery Store

In the U.S., we have the habit of conducting one major grocery shop every week or two, but families who opt for biking to the store for smaller shopping trips have the opportunity to exercise more, while having less temptation hiding in the cabinets.

2.  Commercial Workout Breaks

Instead of using television commercial breaks for popping popcorn, institute commercial workout breaks.  With each family member taking turns choosing the short burst of activity, you can foster connection while boosting activity levels.  Be sure to make it fun by cheering each other on as new goals are achieved.

3.  Plan Active Gatherings

Many families love ‚Äúdinner and a movie‚Äù outings, but opting for ice skating, Frisbee in the park, or a day in the sand can bring a family closer.  Additionally, by creating gatherings around physical activity instead of eating, you will instill healthy habits into your child‚Äôs sense of tradition.

4.  Scheduled Swim Time

Swim-time can be a fun way for a family to exercise and play at the same time.  Talk with the team at Premier Aquatics Services about the family swim time that is closest to your child‚Äôs scheduled swim lesson.

5.  Introduce Our Childhood Games

Instead of letting the kids sit in front of the video game console, introduce them to the games we knew as children.  From Red Rover to Capture the Flag, getting outside for some unstructured playtime is good for everyone.

6.  Pre- or Post-Dinner Walks

Establishing a family tradition of technology-free walks surrounding dinnertime gives family members a time to talk, laugh, or just be near each other.  It‚Äôs simply an added benefit that you‚Äôll also be contributing to your daily 10,000 steps.

Explore Premier Aquatics Classes

Premier Aquatics Services offers more than just swim lessons for children.  We understand that a healthy lifestyle is a family affair, and we have classes and swim opportunities for family members of all ages and abilities.  Between group lessons, private lessons, the Masters Swim Team, Aqua Zumba, Frogman Fitness, and open swim times, it‚Äôs time to get each family member active in the pool.  Click here to learn more about the Premier Aquatic‚Äôs year-round swim lesson programs.

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