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At Premier Aquatic Services, we recognize that each client’s needs are unique. That’s why we offer three distinct levels of service, allowing us to tailor our offerings to meet your specific requirements.

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Welcome to Premier Aquatic Services, where we stand as your dedicated partner in delivering comprehensive pool management, aquatic facility supervision, and top-notch lifeguard services. Our certified team of lifeguards and monitors is committed to ensuring the safety and enjoyment of your facility, whether it operates on a seasonal or year-round basis. With a strong focus on preventing water-related injuries, our experienced staff excels in supervising facilities of all sizes, including those with multiple pools and attractions.

Level 1: Private Event Staffing

Contracted on a per-event basis, Premier collaborates with a wide range of large-scale events, TV sets, commercials, and more to ensure that aquatic environments are safely protected and guarded. Event staffing arrangements are typically contracted at least six months in advance to ensure a thorough understanding of staffing requirements and to guarantee optimal preparation for the event.


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Level 2: Pool Lifeguard, Pool Monitor, and Gate Monitor Services

Contracted on an hourly basis, our Level 2 Services involve working closely with community leaders, facility management, and department staff to ensure the safety of your facility’s guests and residents during all contracted hours. Typically secured on a seasonal or annual basis, our Level 2 service agreements come with enticing discounts for clients opting for multi-year service commitments.


Level 3: Facility Management

Premier Aquatics takes facility management to the next level with our comprehensive Level 3 service, offering a full takeover of your aquatic facility and environment. With this service, our expert team assumes responsibility for everything, including programming, administration, chemical administration, mechanical operations, cleaning, budgeting, and capital projects. This all-encompassing approach allows Premier Aquatics to maximize operational efficiency, ensuring a seamless and worry-free aquatic facility experience for our clients.

Pictured to the right one of our newest contracts, The Palm Springs Surf Club. You can read more about our venture into the desert in this article.

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Whether you’re hosting a special event, seeking seasonal lifeguard services, or opting for full-scale facility management, Premier Aquatic Services is your trusted partner in creating a safe, enjoyable, and expertly managed aquatic environment. Choose Premier for tailored solutions that prioritize safety, satisfaction, and operational excellence.