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Aquatic Exercise: Understanding the Lifelong Benefits of Staying Fit in the Pool

| August 11 2016 | ,

Aquatic Exercise- Understanding the Lifelong Benefits of Staying Fit in the PoolFitness is an essential part of maintaining your health. From childhood through the golden years, exercise should be a part of your daily routine. However, it’s not about running marathons or pumping iron in the gym. The key to lifelong exercise is to find physical activities that you truly enjoy and have a low risk of injuries that can throw you off track.

Here are 9 of the major benefits of adding swimming to your exercise plan.

Low Impact Exercise РSwimming is a great aerobic exercise option for those who don’t want to put additional pressure on their skeletal system. Being submerged in water will lower the effect of your body mass. This means that those suffering from stiff joints or arthritis can strengthen their muscles without impacting their joints.

Increased Resistance – When compared to other exercises, swimming is ideal for improving muscle tone and strength. Each time the athlete kicks or strokes, they push against the water resistance.

Flexibility – Instead of isolating muscles, like athletes do with certain machines at the gym, swimming is a full body workout. You are required to stroke through a full range of motion in order to stay afloat. This will increase joint and ligament flexibility.

Calorie Burn – For every ten minutes of intense swimming, you could burn up to 150 calories. That is one way to work up a sweat while staying cool!

Heart Benefits – The aerobic aspect of swimming can improve blood flow and strengthen your heart. It is also a healthy way to lower blood pressure.

Stress Relief – Many swimmers consider the pool a place to release the stress of the day. Swimming increases oxygen flow and regulates breathing, much like meditation.

Beat the Heat – Even in the hottest California temperatures, swimming is a great way to stay cool while exercising.

Improved Sleep – Studies show that those who participate in dynamic exercises, like swimming, have less difficulty falling asleep and experience less sleep related problems, like insomnia.

Social Aspects – Regardless of your age, swimming is a great way to meet new people. Participating in exercise classes, swim lessons, and water play are great ways to interact with other swimmers. Even if you aren’t the one in the lessons, many parents have been known to develop new friendships while sitting poolside.

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