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Avoid Skill Deterioration: Keep Your Kids Ready for Summer

| January 13 2016 | ,


Whether it’s math, swimming, or anything in between, skills that go unused for extended periods of time begin to deteriorate. Many children become competent swimmers during their summer-long swim lessons, only to find that their old fears have resurfaced by the time the winter chill melts away and June arrives. The solution is simple: keep your kids swimming year-round.

At Premier Aquatics, we believe that swimming does more than provide an active lifestyle for children; swimming skills provide children with live saving abilities that are essential for our Southern California lifestyle. Just because it may not be bathing suit weather doesn’t mean children are not sitting poolside or strolling in the sand.

In preparation for the hot summer months when Southern California children are sure to be exposed to the water, it’s important to keep their skill building on the right track. Winter swim lessons provide children with these benefits and so many more.

Skill Maintenance – Many of our young winter swimmers have skills that they developed in the warmer months and/or previous years. During winter swim lessons, we continue to hone those skills, ensuring the children will continue to progress in their development.

Continued Skill Building – In addition to honing current skills, winter swim lessons give children the opportunity to continue learning new skills and techniques, leaving them ahead of the curve for the summertime sessions. Depending on the child’s age and skill level, we build our programs around these five swimming skills every child should know:

  • Getting in and out of the pool safely
  • Putting his or her face into the water and controlling breathing
  • Floating on his or her back
  • Swimming with forward motion
  • Treading water

Physical Fitness – As the holiday slump hits and the cooler weather keeps many families huddled around the television instead of being active outdoors, winter swim lessons get children off the sofa, away from their video game consoles, and exercising. Instilling the importance of year-round physical activity at an early age is an important step in preparing your child for a healthy future.

Academic and Developmental Benefits – It’s been studied: swim lessons can make your child smarter. Well, at least it can give them a head start. In recent studies, kids who have participated in childhood swim lessons experienced more advanced cognitive and physical abilities than other children.

Despite the cooler weather outside, it’s important to keep your children safe and capable around the water. Click here to learn more about the Premier Aquatic’s year-round swim lesson programs.


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