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Baby Swim Lessons: At What Age Can Babies Start Swimming?

| February 10 2016 | ,


We have all seen the clips of newborn babies happily swimming under water.   For many of us, it makes us wonder when is the right time for a baby to begin learning to swim.

What Are The Benefits of Early Childhood Swim Lessons?

In a study by the Griffith Institute for Educational Research, researchers concluded that children who participated in swim lessons demonstrated more advanced cognitive and physical abilities than other children. The most significant findings were in the areas of: Understanding Direction, Story Recall, Oral Expression, Mathematics Reasoning, and Brief Reading. To read more about the intellectual benefits of early childhood swim lessons, read our post: Can Swim Lessons Make Your Child Smarter?

Additionally, children who enroll in childhood swim lessons are more apt to have a higher level of socialization, self-confidence, and physical coordination.

When Is My Baby Ready?

The truth is that babies spend their first nine months under water, growing and developing inside their mothers’ wombs. It isn’t until they are born that they take their first breath and begin to explore a world outside of the water. Keeping that in mind, babies are naturally comfortable in the water when they are very young. Over time, they become accustomed to their new surroundings, and they progressively become more cautious about the water.

Each baby is unique, so when considering swim lessons for your baby, it’s important to move at the right pace for your child.

Consult Your Pediatrician РOther than you as parents, your child’s pediatrician may know your baby better than anyone else so far in your child’s young life. Your pediatrician understands any medical restrictions your child may have and his or her development track. Talk with your doctor about whether your child is ready to start childhood swim lessons. As soon as he or she feels it is okay, it is time to test the waters.

Test the Waters – At Premier Aquatic Services, we offer a free introductory class for Parent & Me swim programs for babies as young as 0-6 months old. With the expert guidance of a certified swim instructor, parents begin to introduce their babies to the water in a gentle way. Our instructors are trained to guide parents, so their babies have a positive and safe experience.

Premier Aquatic Services swim instructors use an exciting approach to help swimmers of all ages develop a love of the water. Our instructors are experienced with teaching all levels, whether it be helping beginners to be more comfortable in the water or training more experienced competitors on how to improve their stroke technique. To learn more about our swim lesson programs and register family for winter and spring classes, visit our aquatic services page.

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