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Battling Swimming Fatigue In The Pool

| September 30 2015 | ,


No matter how well-trained, every swimmer will hit a time in his or her workout when fatigue sets in.  It‚Äôs that moment when limbs feel heavier and technique starts to fall apart. Whether it‚Äôs after 10 lengths or 50, there are steps each swimmer can take to postpone the onset of fatigue.

Strategically Switch Strokes

Different swim strokes utilize different muscles to varying degrees.  While continually switching strokes may increase the chances of fatigue because the muscles are not able to find a rhythm, switching your stroke before the muscles become exhausted of energy is an important step for prolonging your swim.  Many swimmers find that switching to the back stroke can provide a time to catch your breath and use different muscle groups.

Utilize Training Tools

Don’t be afraid to utilize tools like kickboards, pull bouys, paddles, and fins. By adding these tools into your daily workout, you will be not only experience a better full body workout, but you will also experience more fun in the pool. Changing it up helps keep swimming fun.

Adjusting Effort

Instead of taking a break during your swim, adjust the amount of energy you are putting into your swims.  By kicking with more force, you are giving your arms and shoulders a short break, and vice versa.

Ride the Glide

As your body begins to fatigue, lower the number of strokes you use per length by riding the glide as long as possible between strokes.  Practice counting the number of strokes per length at the beginning of your swim, and once you peak in your workout, begin reducing the number to conserve energy.

Consult The Experts

As you train and build strength in the pool, it‚Äôs essential to listen to your body and learn when to push and when to rest.  Learning to postpone fatigue is a great skill, but it is extremely important to rest when you feel your technique beginning to fall apart.  Swimming with poor technique can lead to injury, which can ruin a swimmer‚Äôs training schedule.

At Premier Aquatics Services, your health and safety are our top priorities.  All of our instructors and coaches understand the importance of teaching proper technique and remaining aware of form while swimmers are in the water.  Visit our website to learn more about our wide range of group and individual swim classes.

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