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Choose a United States Swim School Association Approved Facility for Your Child

| January 14 2015 | , ,

When selecting a swim school for your child or yourself, it is important to make sure that you choose a US Swim School Association approved facility.

The United States Swim School Association (USSSA) was founded in 1988 to provide a trade association for swim schools in the United States. This was the first ever organization that connected swim schools across the country. Today, the association has more than 400 members in the United States and 25 international members.

The USSSA ensures that members of the association are held to the highest standards so that parents and students are provided with a reliable and trustworthy resource when searching for a swim school. By choosing a school approved by the USSSA, parents can be sure that their child is attending a school that is safe and CPR/AED certified.

Members of the USSSA are also regularly updated on the latest techniques for teaching children how to swim. The US Swim School Association issues an exclusive swim lesson curriculum to their members. This is the curriculum has been used to teach thousands of children how to swim. It is a proven method that is continually being improved.

Children who enroll in a USSSA approved swim school will learn at faster rate and develop the correct techniques without picking up improper swimming habits.

Premier Aquatic Services is a proud member of the US Swim School Association and we offer swim classes throughout Orange County. Find a swim class near you today.