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Drowning Risks for Children 5 and Under

| January 28 2015 | , ,


Most of the time, drowning is completely preventable, especially with young children. There are many resources available to teach parents and their children about water safety.

Parents often believe that the only way for a child to drown is in a swimming pool, but this is not true. There are other water hazards that your child faces, and it is important to know where your child is most likely to drown to help you prevent it.

Infants: 0 to 12 months

Bathtubs pose the greatest danger for infants less than a year old. Bath seats, even the ones with the suction cups, are not always safe. Babies are still prone to rolling or even falling out of the bath seat. Just because your baby can sit up in the bathtub does not mean it is safe to leave them alone.


Do not leave your child alone in the bathtub until they have had swim lessons and can comfortably swim in a pool.

Children: 1 to 5 Years Old

Children one to five years old have the greatest chance of drowning in a swimming pool. Children often believe they can swim better than they actually can or are unaware of the depth of the pool.


Enroll your child in swim classes as soon as possible. There are parent and me classes available for children younger than three years old. Once your child reaches three, they are often mature enough to enroll in private, or group swim lessons.

Set strict rules for your child to follow when they are around the pool, such as always having to have an adult present before your child enters the pool.

Drowning is Preventable

The water should be a place that both you and your child enjoy. It is important that you start getting your child comfortable with the water as soon as possible.

The best way to prepare your child for water safety is to enroll them in swim lessons. There are swim classes for children of all ages available.

Find one in your area today.