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Fit Adults Have Healthier Kids

| September 16 2015 | ,


During Childhood Obesity Awareness Month, the team at Premier Aquatics Services wants to remind adults that parents who exercise regularly have children who grow up understanding the value of physical activity. However, we also understand that the key to maintaining a regular exercise program is finding something you love to do.

Most of us know that children look to their parents, aunts and uncles, older siblings, and other role models to develop their ideas about what is normal adult behavior. By instilling healthy eating and regular exercise as a normal element of the adult lifestyle, we are encouraging healthy behaviors in our children.

As children see their role models enjoying exercise regimes, children naturally begin to consider the physical activity they would like to incorporate into their own lives. Therefore, finding an exercise pattern that excites you is an essential step. At Premier Aquatics, we have developed a new fitness program specifically tailored to change up your routine and add motivation back to your workout.

Frogman Fitness

The newest adult class at Premier Aquatics Services – Aliso Viejo is designed to keep its members engaged while burning calories and building stamina. Frogman Fitness classes blend Crossfit-style workouts with swimming to create a full-body workout unlike any other. The use of body weight and stretch band exercises has an incredible impact on the body, while still offering a lower impact workout than you may experience during a workout in the gym.

With a mixture of swimming, running, and callisthenic training, it’s impossible to get bored at a Frogman Fitness class. Participants have three class times each week to choose from, making it easy for Frogman Fitness classes to fit into your weekday and weekend schedule.

Explore Premier Aquatics Adult Classes

Premier Aquatics Services offers more than just swim lessons for children. We understand that a healthy lifestyle is a family affair, and we have classes and swim opportunities for family members of all ages and abilities. Between group lessons, private lessons, the Masters Swim Team, Aqua Zumba, and now Frogman Fitness, it’s time to get back in the pool and have fun with your workout once again. Visit our website to learn more about our Adult Programs in Aliso Viejo.

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