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Games to Help Your Child Be More Comfortable in the Water

| December 16 2015 | ,



Living in a part of the country where water activities are often a part of everyday life, many parents look for ways to help make their young children more comfortable in the water.  As with so many aspects of childhood, the key for developing enjoyment of the water is creating a fun and relaxing atmosphere.  Here are some fun games for you to play with your child in the pool that have progressive skill building goals.

Traveling Toys

Small children have a natural instinct to keep their heads above the water.  Therefore, it can be scary for them to experiment with putting their faces close to the surface.  Using a ping pong ball or other small floating toy, invite your child to blow the toy to the other side of the pool.  Show them first, and then take turns.

Thundering Tractor

Once children are comfortable with proximity to the surface, it‚Äôs time to experiment with blowing bubbles.  Turn it into a game by seeing how loud the child can make rumbling noises with his or her lips in the water.  Then teach him how he can make even more bubbles by incorporating blowing air out of his nose.

Washing with Water

Children have become comfortable washing at home, and now it‚Äôs time to bring that comfort to the pool.  Mimic face-washing by having them splash water onto their own faces or showering by using toys to dribble water over their heads to help them become more comfortable with water in their eyes and running over their noses.

Cruising Crocodile

While using your child‚Äôs arms as the snapping of a crocodile jaw is fun, the real goal of this game is to cruise just above the surface and experiment with slowly dipping lower into the water.  It‚Äôs important to keep this fun and move at a comfortable pace for your child.

Bouncing Bunny

Whether it‚Äôs a bunny or a kangaroo, bouncing up and down creates a patterned and reliable motion.  As you begin to go lower in (and eventually under) the water, your child can know exactly what to expect in terms of timing.

Talk With The Experts About Your Child’s Swim Lessons

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