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help spread awareness about the dangers of drowning.

| February 19 2015 | ,

Drowning remains the leading cause of the death for children 1-4 years of age in Orange County and throughout California.

Drowning is also one of the top five leading causes of death among kinds under 17 years old. This information is according to a study conducted by the Orange County Health Care Agency.

Around 64% of the drownings occurred in a pool or spa. And the most tragic part of all is that drowning is completely preventable.

That is why Premier Aquatic Services has teamed up with Safer 3 Water Safety Foundation to help spread awareness about the dangers of drowning.

Safer 3 is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to saving lives through drowning prevention and water safety education.

The non-profit strives to educate the public about the three elements common to every drowning: water, people and response.

Safer 3 Foundation has developed a comprehensive curriculum to address each element of drowning:

  • Safer Water: Participants learn to identify the risks with any body of water and learn how to take preventive action to reduce those risks.
  •  Safer kids: This part of the curriculum teaches children and their parents the proper boundaries and rules around water. This includes tips like having an adult constantly supervise a child while swimming.
  •  Safer Response: Classes outline emergency response techniques and stress the importance of learning CPR/AED and first aid techniques for parents.

Safer 3 has also developed a safety education curriculum for schools to teach kids about water safety.

The company hosts annual events at swim schools across the country in the spring to promote drowning prevention.

Premier Aquatic Services proudly supports Safer 3 Water Safety Foundation and their mission to safe lives through water safety education. We believe that every person in charge of a child should be CPR/AED and First Aid certified.

If you are interested in promoting a safer response and would like to learn basic first aid techniques you can sign up for one of our weekly classes.