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The Benefits of Year-Round Swim Lessons

| August 6 2015 | ,


Many people view swimming as a summer sport. However, swim lessons provide more consistent benefits when children remain actively involved throughout the year.

Here are just some of the ways year-round swim lessons can benefit your child:

Skill Maintenance – Similar to how math skills diminish after a long summer away from school, swimming skills can get lost over time if they are not regularly practiced. By enrolling your child in year-round swim lessons, you ensure that their skills continually improve and don’t need to be relearned each summer.

Consistent Skill Building – When children remain in swim lessons throughout the year, their ability to learn new skills increases because they continually build on the skills they have already established. This leads to improved water safety and a more confident child.

Physical Fitness – Most parents would agree that physical fitness is important for their children’s overall wellness. Being in the pool throughout the school year offers children a fun way to exercise with a relatively low risk of sports-related injury. It can also provide a smooth transition into team water sports, such as swim team or water polo, as a child gets older.

Academic and Developmental Benefits – An array of studies have shown that children who participate in consistent, early childhood swim lessons experience more advanced cognitive and physical abilities than other children. Additionally, swim lessons can help your child’s ability to focus. Read our post: Can Swim Lessons Make Your Child Smarter.

Improved Coping Skills – According to a study by the German Sports College in Cologne, children who learn to swim at an early age are more comfortable coping with new or unfamiliar situations. As children learn to overcome fears and insecurities in the water, they build faith in their ability to deal with unknown circumstances. This skill directly translates into a child’s ability to feel comfortable with new classrooms, teachers, and classmates.

Social Skills And Friendships – Children build relationships with their pool teammates and their instructors. As children meet new people from season to season, the consistency of the pool and program provides a safe setting for each child to develop their social skills and build new friendships.

Parental Bonding – With young children and infants, pool time with a parent provides a unique bonding experience. The close physical contact, quality time spent together, and further development of trust strengthens parent/child relationships.

As fall quickly approaches and summer swim lessons begin to come to a close, it is time to enroll your child in next season’s program. Click here to learn more about the Premier Aquatic’s year-round swim lesson programs.

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