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When To Enroll Your Child in Swim Lessons

| January 21 2015 | ,


One of the most common questions that parents ask us is, “At what age should my child start taking swim lessons?”


Living in Orange County, we are surrounded by the water. Either you or your neighbor probably has a pool, or there is a community pool within a mile from your house. Not to mention that the beach is just quick a trip away for many of us.

It is important to get your child comfortable with the water as soon as possible. You can start introducing your child to the water as soon as you feel comfortable doing so.

For children under 3 years old, we offer parent and me classes that are designed to provide children with a safe and comfortable learning environment.

During these classes, children learn basic swim skills in the comfort of their parent or guardian’s arms. We also combine important repetitive swim skills with fun games during the class to help make the transition into formal swim lessons easier.

You and your child will also learn important water safety information during the class.

Most 2-year-olds aren’t developmentally ready for solo swim lessons or able to listen to an instructor for any length of time, so we recommend waiting until they are 3-years-old.

Once your child reaches three to four years old, they can start starting taking private and group lessons. At this age, most children are developmentally ready for solo swim lessons and will be able to follow instructions.

We offer a wide variety of swim classes for children three and four years old. Each program focuses on getting children comfortable with the water and teaching them how to hold their breath while learning basic arm and legs movements.

If you are interested in signing your child up for a swim lessons, you can visit our website and register them today. You can also contact us if you have any questions about whether your child is ready for swim lessons.