Interview preparation

Thank you for your interest in working for Premier Aquatics.

Join the Team

Below you will find some very important “do’s” and “don’ts” during your interview process. If you follow these tips, you will increase your chances of having a more successful interview and landing a position with Premier Aquatics.


Remember, the goal of the interview is two-fold.

We want you to shine.

We want you to learn about the position and what to expect if working for Premier Aquatics. The more you know beforehand the better, and we want you to be informed before you join our team.

Keys to Success in an Interview

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Dress to Impress

First impressions are hard to forget, and it starts with appearance! Generally speaking, you will be taken more seriously if you look the part.

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Stay Distraction Free

Nothing is worse than a potential employee who is playing with their phone or keys, either before the interview or during the interview. Often times, we have people sit in our waiting room watching videos on their phone before an interview, which immediately tells us you aren’t taking the interview seriously.

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Come Prepared to Make Yourself Shine

An interview is your chance to convince our team that we want you. If you can’t show us who you are and why you belong on our team, then unfortunately, its likely you won’t be offered a position.

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Do Your Research on Premier Aquatics

We want people who are excited to be part of our company. Showing us you have done your research on our company, shows us that you are excited about being part of what we are doing.

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Come Prepared with Questions

You need to show us that you are genuinely interested in a position with Premier Aquatics and if you don’t have any questions regarding the job or the company, it shows us that you aren’t really that interested