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Adult Swimming Benefits – What are They?

| July 26 2019 |

We all know swimming is a fun activity and an easy way to get active, but it is actually much more than that! Swimming has tons of health benefits many people don‚Äôt know about — especially for adults. Most adults never think about swimming as a way to keep active, but we want to change that! The benefits of swimming are endless; here are a few of the top benefits we see in our adult swimming lessons:

  • Swimming improves overall muscle definition. While many land sports only target one part of the body at a time, swimming is truly a whole body sport. Once the basic swimming skills are mastered, it won‚Äôt take long to see changes in muscle mass and definition, leaving you healthier and stronger while having a low impact on the joints. Plus, swimming injuries are fairly uncommon in the casual swimmer (the benefits definitely outweigh the risks here).
  • Swimming improves heart health. It is well known that swimming has significant cardiovascular benefits on the body, but the benefits actually go further than that. Research shows that swimming can reduce build-up in the heart, which can help decrease cardiovascular system-wide inflammation and leave you feeling happier and healthier. 
  • Swimming can help improve asthma. Are you scared of not being able to breathe in the water? Learning how to swim can actually help you overcome fears of water breathing. Studies have shown that it helps to improve asthma symptoms and can actually decrease exercise-induced asthma in some individuals. If other forms of exercise put strain on your lungs, swimming may be the way to go.
  • Swimming can help mental health. Not only is swimming good for the body, it is also good for the mind. Adults who regularly swim release endorphins each time they do so, which can help decrease stress and depression. The sound of the water while swimming can also be extremely calming, and can put some into a meditative state, decreasing stress levels even further.
  • Swimming burns calories. Since you don‚Äôt sweat while swimming, many push it off it as an “easier” form of fitness. However, the resistance of the water and the level of cardio in certain swim techniques can actually lead to a very significant amount of calories burned. Some studies even argue that it can burn more than running!

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Clearly there are many benefits to swimming — so why do so few adults do it? Last year only 18% of adults went swimming regularly. It is so good for us, so let‚Äôs start doing it more! It is never too late to start working toward improving your health. Adults learn to swim every single day, and signing up for one class can be a simple step in the right direction. With this many benefits, it is clear that swimming lessons should not just be for children. If you want to take a step towards improving your health, take a look at our swimming school for adults. If you have any more questions, or want to learn more about Premier Aquatics, feel free to contact us or visit our website!