**Prior to Reading This Announcment, Please Keep In Mind That Based On The Feedback You Provide at the Bottom of This Page, The Program WILL Be Changed Before Official Launch.

Official Launch is Scheduled for January 1, 2018.**

Employee Incentive Program for Part Time Hourly Employees

Welcome to the team at Premier Aquatics. We are so excited to share our new Team Member Incentive Plan with you. This plan allows team members the chance to earn rewards, higher pay rates, more responsibility, and so much more. The key is your ability and willingness to consistently perform at a high level, earning you points in our incentive program. Each point you earn will bring you one step closer to all of the perks available to both new and experienced staff members.

To start, its important that you know that if you have been with the company for some time, you will not be starting as a Level 1 Team Member. The management team will be setting the starting point for all members, and you will be notified prior to launch.

Below you will find a list of examples of how you can earn points, not earn points, or even lose points.  Remember, just by showing up and doing exactly what is expected of you, you will earn valuable points.

Lastly, you will notice that there are causes for a reduction in level status. The level reduction means you lose all points earned since moving up a level. For example, if you are 19 points into level 1 and you earn a level reset, your points will go back to the start. Another example is if you are a Level 4 team member and you are at 90 points (10 away from leveling up to Level 5), if you are to earn a level reset, you will be dropped down to 60 points (the start of Level 4). This only happens for major infractions, so be sure to avoid this scenario.

In order to start EARNING points, all you have to do is the following.

  1. Arrive to your scheduled shifts on time.
  2. Earn high marks on in-service conducted during shifts.
  3. Actively be involved in the job you are hired to do.
  4. Pick up a shift if called by a manager.
  5. Be proactive

Reasons why someone DOESN’T EARN daily points.

  1. Late to a shift.
  2. Engaged in unacceptable behavior of any kind (i.e. socializing with friends or family during a shift, sitting on patron furniture, unacceptable body posture, failure to report pertinent information to management, etc.)
  3. Failed in-service
  4. Uniform is sloppy


  1. Daily Procedures not followed.
  2. Pool rules not enforced
  3. More than 15 min late to a shift
  4. More than 3 failed in-services in a row.
  5. No show to a shift.
  6. 3 instances of no Premier Points awarded in 1 level.
  7. Texting or spending time on your phone.



Level 1 Team Member (0-20 Premier Points)- Base pay until member gets 20 Premier Points

Level 2 Team Member- Once they have 20 Premier Points, they are rewarded with a pay raise of 1%, 3%, or 5%.  (% determined by management team)

Level 3 Team Member- At 40 Premier Points, team member is considered for leadership team (leadership team is invited to start training new staff and leading new team member orientations, which awards them with pay and/or gift incentives.

Level 4 Team Member- At 60 Premier Points, Team Member is considered for a raise (1%, 3%, or 5%).  (% determined by management team)

Level 5 Team Member- At 100 Premier Points, Team Member is considered for a Loop Supervisor position.

Level 6 Team Member- At 120 Premier Points, Team Member is eligible for a raise (1%, 3%, or 5%). (% determined by management team)

Level 7 Team Member- At 180 Premier Points, Team Member is eligible for Loop Manager position.

Level 8 Team Member- At 260 Premier Points, Team Member is eligible for a raise (1%, 3%, or 5%). (% determined by management team)

Level 9 Team Member- At 300 Premier Points, Team Member is eligible for Catalina Trip or is eligible for Premier Education Scholarship program.

Level 10 Team Member- At 450 Premier Points, Team Member is eligible for raise every 40 shifts.

**AT 550 Premier Points, Team Member is sent on a weekend trip for 2.

Once a team member has advanced to a new level, only a Red Flag issue would knock them down to a lower level, and therefore a lower pay rate. If there is an infraction while the team member is on a certain level, they will have to restart the level from the beginning (i.e. if they are at 90 Premier Points and they are 30 minutes late to a shift, they will restart level 4 at 60 Premier Points).

*Premier Education Scholarship – Winners of the Premier Aquatics Education Scholarship program will receive financial assistance of up to $1,000 which will go directly toward school fees and books. Recipient must show proof that they are currently enrolled in college courses. High School recipients will be awarded their scholarship upon entering college.


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