Who Do I Contact If I Have An Issue With The Lifeguard Schedule?

If you have questions regarding the lifeguard schedule, your availability, or anything involving When I Work, please reach out to one of the lifeguard managers:

Eric Edelman, eric@swimoc.com

Missy Estrada, missy@swimoc.com

Nicole Kloet, nicole@swimoc.com

Who Do I Contact If I Have An Issue With My Swim Instructor Schedule?

For questions about your swim instructor schedule, please call Erica Funk at 949-425-2559, or email her at Erica@swimoc.com

How Do I Set My Availability?

Log in to your When I Work account and you should see the option for My Availability. In here you can update your availability.

If that option is not available, please email Eric, Missy, or Nicole with your updated availability.

How Do I Request Time Off

RTO must be requested before the schedule for that day(s) is published.

To Request Time Off, find the Requests / Request Time-Off option. Once you have found it, select a start date and end date and a message as to why you cannot work.

Once you have submitted the request, a manager will approve of it as soon as possible.

Schedule is being published on:

For the weeks of:

11/2/19 – 11/15/19
11/16/19 – 11/29/19
11/30/19 – 12/13/19
12/14/19 – 12/27/19
12/28/19 – 1/10/20
1/11/20 – 1/24/20
1/25/20 – 2/7/20
2/8/20 – 2/21/20
2/22/20 – 3/6/20