Premier Aquatic Services’ swim instructors use an exciting, customized approach to cultivate a love of the water in swimmers of all ages and levels. Private Lessons, offered in Orange County and Temecula, are tailored to meet the needs of each individual swimmer.

Youth Swimming Lessons

Private swimming lessons are designed as a completely customizable learning experience. Depending on the swimmer’s ability level, participants will progress from learning the basics of swimming to a more advanced refinement of their stroke. The benefit of private swim instruction is that it helps younger children learn in a more focused atmosphere without the distractions of others in the class.

Adult Swimming Lessons

For adults, it serves as a chance to focus on exactly what is needed for the individual as opposed to a general team or group lesson. This is a great option for younger/more developmental children, special needs children, and more competitive swimmers looking for advanced stroke technique. An instructor will be assigned to you based on your needs (i.e., special needs swimmers will be paired with an instructor who works solely with swimmers with special needs, and a competitive swimmer will be paired with a swim team coach who works solely on advanced techniques).

Dates: Ongoing
Location: Aliso Viejo Aquatic Center, Daybreak, and Suncrest.

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We also offer group swimming lessons.