Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find a list of frequently asked questions that we receive at our swim school. Please review the questions and answers as needed, and let us know if you have any other questions. You can also view our Parent Handbook for information about our swim programs, general policies, and other services offered by Premier.

If you can think of any questions that have not been added that you would like to see listed, please let us know by emailing us at

Why is my bill different each month?

Depending on what day of the week your swimmer is signed up for, you may be charged a different amount from month to month. The reason for this is that we charge you for the amount of lessons  your swimmer will have in the month. For instance, if your swimmer swims on Mondays, there are 4 Mondays in April, and 5 Mondays in May, therefore, your monthly fee will be greater in May.

In addition, if you started your lessons mid month, your monthly rate was prorated to reflect the amount of lessons you have left in the month.

Lastly, if you just signed up with us, you will be charged our $50.00 family registration fee to start. This registration fee is charged once annually per family, no matter how many kids you have swimming with us.

Does my swimmer need to wear goggles?

For the beginning levels of swim lessons, we recommend that your child does not wear goggles. Students will become reliant on goggles and may have a harder time if there is ever a water-related emergency. As students show comfort opening their eyes under the water without goggles, instructors will then recommend that they may start to wear goggles.

What do I do if my son/daughter is crying?

In the early stages of learning to swim, it is not uncommon for students to cry. If this happens, it’s best to let the instructors work their magic and have parents stay back or even “hide” (or watch from an area that your student cannot see you). Parent involvement not only undermines the instructors but will ultimately hinder the learning process. Trust our instructors to take care of your child – they are in good hands!

To learn more about our teaching philosophy, please read about it here. Child-Centric Lessons

Does my child need to wear a swim diaper?

Any swimmers under the age of 3 years old are required to wear a disposable swim diaper AND a vinyl swim diaper cover. This rule is required for all swimmers, whether in lessons or not, to ensure the safety of you and others, and to limit any unwanted pool closures. If your child has an accident in the pool and is not wearing the proper swim attire, a $100 cleaning fee will be assessed to your account.

What should my swimmer wear to swim lessons?

It is important to wear proper swim attire during swim lessons. The baggier and bigger the swimsuit fits on students, the harder it will be for them to swim. As students progress to the more advanced swim levels or join the swim team, it is recommended that girls wear one-piece swimsuits and boys wear speedos or jammers. Swim gear is available for purchase at

Am I supposed to stay on deck for my child's lessons?

It is the job of each parent to supervise and keep eyes on their children at all times. While students are in lessons, the instructors will be in charge, but parents should still be on deck in case of an emergency. Before and after lessons it falls to the parents and not the staff to be supervising students.

Why is it taking a long time for my swimmer to ``level up``?

For each level that Premier Aquatics offers, there are a few key skills that the instructor will focus on. It is very important that each of the skills is mastered before students move on to the next level in order to follow the specially designed curriculum. It is common for younger students (3 to 5 years old) to spend more time on the 2nd and 3rd level skills where kicking correctly is crucial. The same is true for older students (5 to 8 years old) to spend more time in advanced levels where a great deal of coordination is required to master skills. Feel free to ask your instructor questions about how you can practice at home to help your student master the required skills to level up!

How do I know how my son/daughter is progressing?

All of our instructors track their students’ progression throughout their swim levels. There are two ways that you can get this information:

  1. Ask your instructor after your class to see which skills your student is mastering, and which skills still need some practice.
  2. Check out your student’s progress online through the Parent Portal. Your instructor will update your swimmer’s skill chart by the end of each week.

Are swim meets required for swim team?

Swim meets are not mandatory for swimmers on the swim team. Some swimmers do not wish to compete and we will not force them to. The coaching staff will highly encourage all swimmers to attend swim meets, as they are a valuable tool for the coaches to track progress. It shows them what the team may need to work on, and also provides times for the swimmers so that they can see how much they have improved. Swim meets should not be viewed as a punishment or scary, but as a fun event for swimmers to socialize and develop confidence in themselves.

Does my child have to swim everyday to be on swim team?

Swim team practices 4 days a week Monday through Thursday. It is not mandatory to attend all practices, but Premier will not prorate or discount rates for only attending select days. The swim team fee is a monthly fee and you may come as many days as you want.

What happens if it is raining?

Parents always ask if we will have swim lessons and swim team when it is raining outside. Lessons and swim team will run rain or shine unless there is lightning and thunder. However, swim team has a rainy-day schedule for participants practicing year-round. If it is raining at 2pm, parents can assume rainy day schedules for swim team. All practices will run from 4:00pn – 5:15pm. You have the option to show up at any time but keep in mind that all practices will end at 5:15pm.

To be added to the text messaging system for rainy day scheduling notifications, please go the parent portal from and once signed in, click on the “My Contacts” tab. From there, you will see a “Receive Text Notifications” box. By clicking the box, you will be added to the text messaging service. This service will only be used for emergency closures and rainy day announcements.

How do I stop lessons for my swimmer?

Swim lessons drop requests can be submitted at any point by completing the Swim Lesson Drop Request Form. Keep in mind that once you have started the month of lessons, you are committed to complete the month and there will be no refunds or account credits for canceling after the 1st of the month. Swim Lesson drop requests must be submitted prior to the 15th of the month, to avoid being charged for the next month’s lessons on the 20th (Premier charges for the next month’s lessons on the 20th of the month i.e. January 20th for February lessons).