Premier Aquatic Services is a proud vendor of the Zoll AED Plus and other great Zoll products. The AED Plus is the first and only full-rescue AED that provides Real CPR Help® for rate and depth of chest compressions. With real-time feedback the rescuer can provide the best manual CPR possible in a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). The AED Plus also guides rescuers through the complete Chain of Survival helping all SCA victims, not just those who need a shock.

4 Reasons to Choose ZOLL AED Plus over OLDER TECHNOLOGY AED’s

  • Clinical – We will increase your odds of saving a victim’s life by More Than Double with the ZOLL AED Plus!
  • Logistical – We will decrease your maintenance obligation by up to 60% with the ZOLL AED Plus!
  • Financial – The ZOLL AED Plus has the Lowest Cost of Ownership over a 5 and 10 year period!
  • Liability – Liability exposure is decreased due to the infrequency of Pad and Battery changes!

Real CPR Help AED Demo

En Pro Management System

To establish and maintain an AED program, you need to monitor, record, and analyze. Unless you are an experienced full-time program manager, you probably lack the time and resources to maintain compliance with Good Samaritan regulations and ensure the best chance of a successful rescue.

AED program management and training is En-Pro’s only business. They have the experience and expertise to set up the program that’s right for you, and then keep you up to date on everything required to guarantee the best possible chance of saving a life if cardiac arrest strikes.

Management Program Features

  • Helps Save More Lives
  • Documents all key aspects of the program
  • Assures Compliance
  • Provides Medical Direction and Medical Authorization
  • Sends monthly e-minders to check AED
  • Schedules all maintenance
  • Development of Policies and Procedures
  • Development of ownership of the program by the customer
  • Maintains accountability
  • Strengthens response to “Sudden Cardiac Arrest” events
  • Quarterly online refreshers gives responders the knowledge and ability to respond at a high level
  • Limits customers’ liability
  • Indemnification by AED Manufacturer
  • Exceeds all State, Federal and Local requirements
  • Maintains the integrity of the program
  • AED Resource Hotline available 24/7
  • Tracks all consumables
  • Can set up training and all scheduling
  • Delivers a higher level of care to the victim of a “Sudden Cardiac Arrest”
  • More lives saved as a result of a coordinated effort to maintain equipment, maintain responders and limit liability