Premier Aquatic Services is a proud vendor of the Zoll AED Plus and other great Zoll products. The AED Plus is the first and only full-rescue AED that provides Real CPR Help® for rate and depth of chest compressions. With real-time feedback the rescuer can provide the best manual CPR possible in a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). The AED Plus also guides rescuers through the complete Chain of Survival helping all SCA victims, not just those who need a shock.

4 Reasons to Choose ZOLL AED Plus over OLDER TECHNOLOGY AED’s

  • Clinical – We will increase your odds of saving a victim’s life by More Than Double with the ZOLL AED Plus!
  • Logistical – We will decrease your maintenance obligation by up to 60% with the ZOLL AED Plus!
  • Financial – The ZOLL AED Plus has the Lowest Cost of Ownership over a 5 and 10 year period!
  • Liability – Liability exposure is decreased due to the infrequency of Pad and Battery changes!

Real CPR Help AED Demo

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