Daybreak Swim Programs 2023

DCC and Highland Pool

Youth Swim Lessons

Premier Aquatics is excited to swim programs to Suncrest community for the summer 2023 season. Premier will be offering a variety of programs for all ages. More detailed information can be viewed below.

  • Group Swim Lessons: Ages 3 to 14
  • Private Lessons: 2 Years Old and Up

Group Swim Lessons

Students will swim Monday-Thursday for two weeks, at the same time each day.  The purpose of this program is to expedite swim skills in a shorter period of time! Fast Tracks are billed as soon as enrollment occurs.

**Swimmers will be moved to the class that their skill level meets should they be registered for the wrong level. It is not guaranteed that there will be room for movement**

Level 1 Jellyfish

Swimmers will learn to put their face in the water and glide to an instructor, roll to their back, and float unassisted for 10 seconds.

Level 2 Tadpole

Level 2 swimmers should be able to do all previous levels skills. They will learn to flutter kick properly and independently roll from their front to back repeatedly.

Level 3 Minnow

Level 3 swimmers should be able to do all previous level skills. They will learn a perfect side breath for freestyle and to independently flutter kick on their back.

Level 4 Guppy

Level 4 swimmers should be able to do all previous level skills. They will learn to swim a full lap of freestyle and backstroke.

Level 5/6 Lionfish

Level 5/6 swimmers should be able to do all previous level skills. They will refine their freestyle and backstroke and lear butterfly and backstroke.

Private Lesson

Private lessons meet either, Monday and Wednesday, or Tuesday and Thursday, for 2 weeks. This will give 4 lessons to the swimmer over the 2 week sessions. This is a customized approach for students trying to master a particular skill or just need more 1 on 1 attention in a class.

Swim Team

Summer swim team is starts on June 5th and ends on July 28th. Swimmers will practice either M/W/F or T/Th. The season will have 3 total swim meets that will meet on Saturday mornings. Each participant will receive a team suit, team shirt and a swim cap as part of their registration. Practices times are scheduled based ability, descriptions for groups are below.

Bronze- This group is designed for ages 5 – 8 years old. Swimmers should be able to swim 1 lap of freestyle. They will start to learn the basics of all 4 stokes .

Silver- This group is designed for ages 7 – 10 years old. Swimmers should know how to swim both freestyle and backstroke and have a basic understanding of butterfly and breaststroke. Practices will start to incorporate endurance work.

Gold- This group is designed for ages 9 & up. Swimmers should know all 4 strokes. They will focus on refining each stroke and start to work on speed.

*All participants must be able to complete a lap of independent freestyle in order to participate. 

Splash Ball

Splash ball is in introduction into water polo. Practice will focus on the fundamentals and will include, passing, shooting, and ball control.